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Young Driver Programme
greg murphy rtec
greg murphy rtec ambassador
Proudly supplied by RTEC's own Advanced Driver Training Team.

To download the Young Driver Programme registration form, please click here.

Patron: Greg Murphy - New Zealand's top V8 Supercar driver.
We have seen in the media youngsters from the age of 3 driving and riding go karts, motor cycles and quads, we have drivers below the driving age racing in Formula Fords, we have young people dying on farms, on race tracks and there is resistance to raising the starting age for drivers in New Zealand. These facts along with the ability of 15 1/2 year olds getting into WRX’s and the like without insurance is the recipe that sees NZ with some of the highest road tolls for young drivers in the world.
At The Road and Traffic Education Centre we have always advocated raising the starting age for drivers in New Zealand.   It is statistically proven that the first 2 years of driving for inexperienced drivers is the time when they are most pre-disposed towards having crashes sometimes with fatal results, as this situation will not change in the near future we have come up with the unique Young Driver Programme NZ (Road Safety Skills) to help and promote better skills, attitudes and knowledge for future drivers.
This programme is unique as it is the only programme which brings young drivers of 14+ (the driver age is about to change to 16, at this time you have the choice to stay with the programme or re-start at 15+) and their parents together to attend a programme of driver training and education which will bring in ‘best practice’ standards of driver training from other parts of the world. Parents go through their own Co Driver Programme and this instills better personal driving, and observational skills
Initially each session will be of 2 hours in duration once a month and we will be running teams of up to 10 parents and 10 young drivers at each session.   As we build up the programme we will extend the Young Driver Programme to more week-ends.


We also intend to involve local schools so that we can deliver Defensive Driver Courses and NZQA Unit standards that only require a classroom based programme. These can either be at their location or ours.
The Young Driver Programme NZ (Road Safety Skills) will take participants through a complete programme to include:

  • theory
  • general mechanical principles
  • breakdown and emergency situations
  • first aid
  • LTSA’s Street Talk programme and Defensive Driving Course
  • drink driving presentation and demonstration using our ‘Drunk Busters day and night time goggles’
  • a complete driving programme on our controlled environment at the centre using our internal roading system
  • NZQA Unit standards towards the National Certificate of Driving

Parents will be totally involved in all aspects of the training.
Having completed our Young Driver Programme NZ participants have the option of continuing their training with us
We are aware that the LTSA with their Practice programme are promoting more parental time ‘in car’ with offspring, something that we have always actively promoted and been involved with our driving school. This scheme is well suited to compliment the LTSA’s Practice programme as we are in a position to use the Practice material actually on the programme thus ensuring that parents understand how to use it in their own time
The objective of the Young Driver Programme NZ (Road Safety Skills) is to ensure that
by the time our young students reach the age of 15 we will have produced very
disciplined drivers who will have gained NZQA unit standards towards the National Certificate of Driving (Light Vehicle) as they progress through their ‘scholarships’.
Learner licence courses will then enable participants in our Young Driver Programme NZ (Road Safety Skills) to gain licences to drive on main roads. On completing the Young Driver Programme NZ (Road safety Skills) participants have the choice as to whether
they stay on to do our advanced driving programmes to become Advanced Drivers
(Youth Programme) after taking in Restricted and Full licence training and testing then going onto sit our advanced driving test During this programme as skill levels increase
and positive attitudes are achieved young drivers will be taken through the whole
range of our vehicles and products including 4 wheel drives, skid recognition,
recovery and avoidance situations in our skidcar and if they want to become
truck drivers they can enroll on our HT course.
All participants on the courses will be able to gain NZQA unit standards towards the National Certificate of Driving (Light Vehicle) and other unit standards that are applicable to subject matter on courses.
For safety reasons the only restriction on the practical side of this programme with be on the height of participants as we must ensure that prospective students are able to reach and operate all controls on our vehicles.

$72 per person

Please Call:

Tony Williams - (09) 415 7507 or (027) 290 7330