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Skid Recognition, Avoidance and Recovery
Proudly supplied by RTEC's own Advanced Driver Training Team.

Put yourself in this position...Its winter, you are driving along a country lane, the road is wet and there are icy patches.
You round a tight bend and suddenly the rear wheel start towards the opposite side of the road….what would you do?

Or...The car in front of you stops suddenly, you have little time or distance to avoid an accident…….what’s you next move?
You may know the answers to the above situations, but unless you are able to implement them with a reflex action,
it may be too late. To most people a skid on a public road is a journey into the unknown, is usually something of a ‘heart stopper’ and few drivers can say they are equipped to handle such a situation.

Skid control is now an integral part of the Road and Traffic Education Centre and is the ‘finishing school’ of many of
our driver education programmes. Many methods, some dubious, have and are still being used to teach skid control principles but with the advent of the computerized skid frame, they can be taught on any open concrete or tarmac area. The NZ Skid Car Sportage appears to be quite normal, but sophisticated electronics control the steering of both front AND rear wheels. With the instructor (fully qualified) sitting alongside, the pupil can suddenly be faced with
a wet surface, black ice, gravel, or even a complete loss of brakes – all at a touch of a button.

A course with NZ Skid Car will help you prepare for the unexpected, learn techniques required to correct a skid, and more importantly, how to apply them instinctively.