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Learner - Restricted - Full License training

Proudly supplied by RTEC's own Advanced Driver Training Team.

Learner drivers have the unique opportunity of being taught all the driving skills necessary at the Centre with its own internal 2 1/2k roading circuit before being taken onto the main roads.   With a variety of intersections, roundabouts, STOP’s and GIVEWAY’s all the basic instruction is able to be covered in a safe controlled environment so that when faced with the same situations on the main roads of New Zealand students are better able to cope with these situations. Vehicles:   Both manual and automatic vehicles are available, with our new sponsor Kia New Zealand supplying the whole range of their products from the new Picanto to the Sorento 4 wheel drive, our vehicles are all new and the latest models from Kia New Zealand, which are changed on a regular basis ensuring that students have the latest and up to date safety features.  


The Team:

Our team of Instructors are all fully qualified and have been hand picked for their abilities to instruct to the highest level.

Resident Team:

Tony Williams –  (09) 415 7507 or (027) 290 7330

Anybody who requires driver training from outside the above instructor’s areas can conduct their training at The Road and Traffic Education Centre.