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DriveFit/FleetFit NZ is the end product of over 10 years of research in improving the quality of driver training and is now in operation in many other countries of the world with Advanced Roadskills developing the product for the New Zealand market. Research over this period of time has found out a new way to help new drivers improve their driving abilities and increase their chances of passing the driving test first time. The same tool can help experienced drivers add new performance levels to their existing driving skills and give a monitoring system to Fleet operators.

Do you want to generate significant cost savings and protect your drivers from serious accidents?

  • Scientifically select and look after one of your most precious resources - your drivers!
  • CogniFit Fleet Driver™ analyses and trains the driving-related cognitive and perceptual skills that are vital to road safety.
  • Available as either as an assessment-only tool or as a comprehensive package

CogniFit Fleet Driver™ :

  • Avoid hiring “high-risk” drivers
  • Train existing drivers to reduce accident rates
  • Generate significant cost savings - See ROI Analysis

Assesses and Trains:

  • Risk Taking
  • Obeying regulations
  • Focus
  • Divided attention
  • Confidence
  • Width of field of vision
  • Visual scanning
  • Assessment (time, distance)
  • Changing plans
  • Response time
  • Eye-hand coordination

drivefit videos Video Clips on DriveFitNZ™
drivefit video Cognifit Fleet / DrivefitNZ Fleet Edition
View the video overview on the latest Fleet onine trianing system.
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drivefit video Cognifit / DrivefitNZ New Driver
View the video overview on the latest Fleet onine trianing system.
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ROI Analysis - Significant Cost Savings... Independent Insurance House Research

Over a two year period a major European Insurance house conducted an analysis on over 2,500 drivers using CogniFit Fleet Driver™ technology. Their findings lay testimony to the significant cost savings that can be realized by avoiding hiring high-risk drivers and training existing drivers in order to enhance their drivingrelated cognitive skills.

  • $320,000 (USD) by hiring 100 Group 5 (safest) drivers.
  • $2,102,800 (USD) by hiring and training 100 Group 3 & 4 drivers
  • $1,616,691 (USD) by training 1,000 of the existing Group 1 & 2 (riskiest) drivers.
  • Total savings on a medium sized fleet of USD $4,039,491
Driving is considered to be one of the most complicated tasks we will engage in on a regular basis and for many organizations their biggest OHS risk. While driving our brain is forced to process information at a speed that is far greater than the speed for which it was originally programmed. In response to the human factors and the need for high cognitive function for safe driving CogniFit Fleet Driver™ - a program to overcome the cognitive deficits that account for most road accidents - was developed and is being utilised across the world. The program is scientifically validated and is the winner of the prestigious Prince Michael International Award for Road safety.

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Contact Tony Williams.
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CogniFit Fleet Driver™ online, convenient and with comprehensive benchmark reporting. Can you afford not to investigate it when it will give your business such an advantage going forward?

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email contact for details For More Information.
Contact Tony Williams.
Mob. 027 290 7330
Em. tony@rtec.co.nz