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Corporate Entertainment

Proudly supplied by RTEC's own Advanced Driver Training Team.

Corporate Driving Days

In a competitive age where your guests receive numerous invitations to corporate days, more than ever you need an irresistible lure, a memorable event to illuminate even the most discerning guest's calendar that is also designed to enhance driving skills and knowledge.

A corporate driving day at the Kia Motors Road and Traffic Education Centre is such an occasion. An event like no other that speaks volumes for your company's status, style and the high regard in which you hold your guests. Needless to say, it also provides you with the perfect environment in which to build team spirit and enhance those all important business relationships.

Nothing showcases your appreciation of your guests more than day of fun and learning by using both Kia products and their own vehicles in a programme of driving orientated tasks whether it is driving our quick Kia Picanto on our Sprint Circuit or trying to bring our skid car under control when we select ‘black ice’ road surface.

It's awe-inspiring stuff, your guests will exceed their expectations, find new strengths, learn about new safety systems on vehicles and get to experience driving ‘outside the envelope’, but without any of the risks. Yes, we can design any type of programme to suit both your clients and your budget.  We operate many other courses within our Centre to suit everyone’s tastes, and can provide many other packages of driver training, so let us help you choose an event

Take it as read – your guests will consider a Kia Motors Road and Traffic Education Centre corporate day as one of the greatest experiences of their lives.
And they'll have you to thank for it.

Typical Corporate Day

Guests will be split into groups and rotate around each Activity during the day.

Activity 1 Picanto Sprint - Test yourself against the clock

Activity 2 In and out of the Cones - Avoid the time penalties
Activity 3 Try out our Drunk Driving Goggles

Activity 4 Blind driving

Activity 5 Check your reaction Time

Activity 6 Can you get out of a skid

Activity 7 ABS and ESP demonstrations then ‘hands on’

Activity 8 Trailer backing

Activity 9 High and Low friction Surface braking.

A Days Programme can be selected from above activity list.  

0800 Arrival – Tea, coffee & biscuits
0830 Welcome and Safety Briefing
0900 Driving Commences
1200 – 1230 LUNCH
1345 Afternoon Driving Commences
1530 Finish – Light refreshments
1600 Debrief & Prize giving


Morning/Afternoon teas

*Dates We can work within your timeframe.

Blind Driving
 This is a fantastic activity for a team building event or just pure fun. Driving a vehicle around a twisted course, avoiding the obstacles whilst wearing a blindfold sounds quite tricky, fortunately though, the whole task will be made much easier by having your team mates in the back giving you insightful advice and calmly telling you which way to go! We wouldn't recommend this as a one off event however, you'll want to combine it on a multi-activity day to offer a variety of challenges and to minimise waiting around time.

Yaris Sprint   Test yourself against the clock and your team mates, although the smallest car in the Kia product range, don’t be fooled, this little car is seen in it’s own racing class in Europe, close to the ground with a wheel on each corner, it’s pure fun.

Please Call: Tony Williams –  (09) 415 7507 or (027) 290 7330