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4 Wheel Drive

Proudly supplied by RTEC's own Advanced Driver Training Team.

Under development, RTEC is designing a four wheel drive circuit which will be used for new drivers owing their first 4 x 4 within Ardmore which will enable us to conduct off road training.

On road 4 wheel drive Advanced Driver training:

Most people have very little knowledge about vehicle dynamics taking place when driving on the road and this includes knowledge of how different vehicles perform when introduced to directional changes, acceleration and deceleration forces, ABS, ESP and other safety devices.   Most new 4 wheel drives have the same safety devices as cars and we at the RTEC are able to demonstrate all of these for you in a safe controlled environment at the Road and Traffic Education Centre at Ardmore Airport before going onto the road and coaching participants on the ‘System of Car Control’, observational techniques and forward planning as used by the UK Police driving colleges.

Arriving shortly will be the unique opportunity to experience our 4 wheel drive Kia Sportage skid vehicle which will be attached to one of our 2 Swedish skid frames.   Were are able to ‘dial’ in any type of weather and road condition in the world and with this vehicle you will experience the loss of control, be able to identify it, carry out corrective actions but more importantly be taught how to avoid loss of control.

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